Can Snakes Drink Sprite? What You Need to Know!

Can Snakes Drink Sprite

You already realize that your snake needs water. If it doesn’t receive enough water, there is a risk that it’ll become dehydrated. Unfortunately, this can lead to a handful of other issues soon. You may decide that you want to give him something other than water. Can snakes drink Sprite?

It would be best if you never give your snake Sprite. Unfortunately, snakes cannot tolerate the sugar and chemicals found in soda. If a snake drinks Sprite, it has a severe risk of dying. If you give the snake something to drink, don’t choose soda because it could be dangerous.

It would help if you never gave your snake Sprite or other sodas. The good news is that snakes are not picky. If you place your snake next to a bowl of water, there is a good chance that the snake will drink from it. You can even watch the snake suck up the water. Below, you’ll learn more about why you shouldn’t give Sprite to a snake.

Do Snakes Need To Drink?

Snakes are unique animals that make great pets. If you’re willing to get used to handling reptiles, you’ll love your new pet snake. Remember that you must provide the animal with everything it needs to thrive. It is going to need a healthy diet.

Plus, the snake must remain hydrated. It is common for snakes to receive a lot of moisture from the food they consume. However, it likely won’t be enough. It may become dehydrated if you don’t give your snake enough water. Your pet snake will be happy to accept water.

Snakes should drink water but don’t have to drink it regularly. Instead, it would be best to consider giving your snake water once or twice weekly. That should be enough to prevent the snake from becoming dehydrated.

What Can Snakes Drink?

When you give your snake something to drink, you need to make sure that you pick suitable liquids. As mentioned above, giving your snake Sprite would never be a good idea because the soda could be deadly for the snake. Instead, you should pick water.

While snakes drink water, they don’t drink it very often. Instead, most of the hydration they receive comes from the meals they eat. When they eat a rodent, they will consume the rodent’s blood. That will likely be enough to help them avoid needing more water.

In addition, the snake will obtain water from within the rodent’s fur. You can also consider giving your snake milk. Doing so is a good choice when the snake hasn’t eaten for multiple days. Drinking milk will help them rehydrate and stay healthy.

Don’t Give To Snakes

On the other hand, certain items should never be given to snakes. It would be best if you didn’t provide something that could potentially harm your snake. For instance, avoid giving your snake the following liquids.

  • Sprite or other sodas
  • Beer, liquor, and other alcohol
  • Energy drinks
  • THC drinks

Please don’t give your snake any of these liquids because they could lead to severe problems. Instead, you should provide your snake with water or milk. The latter is a good option when your snake hasn’t eaten in several days.

Otherwise, place a water bowl near the snake to watch him drink.

Get A Snake To Drink

You will want to give your snake something to drink regularly. It doesn’t need to happen every day. Instead, it would help if you considered giving your snake water once a week or once a month. Once you’ve done that, you can rest comfortably, knowing your snake is healthy and hydrated.

You may believe that you’ll have to treat the water first. However, you likely don’t need to do this. Even if you take water from the tap, your snake should be able to drink it without issues. If you want to be extra careful, you can give the snake bottled water.

Place enough water into a bowl and place the bowl near your snake. If the snake is thirsty, it will begin drinking water from the bowl. In general, snakes are only going to eat and drink water once or twice a week. Sometimes, you can get your snake to drink from a glass.

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Sprite’s Sugar Effect On Snake

Sprite is a popular soft drink in the United States. Like 7up, Sprite is believed to be helpful for people with an upset stomach. The effect occurs when effervescence (carbonation) hits the gastrointestinal tract.

The carbonated beverage mixes with stomach acid, resulting in potentially lower acidity. The impact is significantly different when Sprite, a clear non-caffeinated soft drink, is compared to a dark caffeinated soda like Coke or Pepsi.

Clear non-caffeinated may help with hydration, while dark caffeinated soda may promote dehydration. The sugar content in a 12-ounce serving of Sprite is 33 grams. The sugar combined with the carbonation could be deadly for a snake.


Your snake needs plenty of food and water. It will take time and patience to get used to feeding your snake. Although some people believe otherwise, snakes should receive water occasionally. Typically, you’ll want to give your snake water once or twice a week.

You can use tap or bottled water. You can also consider placing your snake in a tub of water. Just ensure the water isn’t too deep because snakes can drown. If your snake is thirsty, it will begin drinking water immediately.

do snakes drink Sprite? It would help if you never gave your snake Sprite or other soda. These liquids can lead to problems, so you’ll want to give the snake water instead. Snakes don’t need water daily because they get a lot of water from their food.

When they eat rodents, they get moisture from their blood and fur. Regardless, giving your snake a drink at least once a month is still wise. It never hurt, and it is fun to watch them drink.



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