Do Snakes Eat Owls? (Everything You Need To Know!)

Do Snakes Eat Owls

Snakes are not picky eaters. They will eat if they can fit the prey in their mouths. It is common for snakes to tackle much bigger prey, although it’ll take longer for them to consume the meal in question.

Do snakes eat owls? Snakes primarily only attack and eat young owls, owl eggs, and owl chicks. However, they won’t eat bigger owls. Instead, Adult owls may attack and eat snakes.

If you have owls living around your home, snakes may be attracted to them. As the owls get older and bigger, the tables will be turned. Once this happens, owls will begin attacking snakes.

Below, readers will learn more about snakes eating owls.

What Can Snakes Eat?

Again, snakes are not picky when it comes to picking meals. However, they aren’t dumb, either. Snakes aren’t going to pick battles that they cannot win. On the other hand, they will tackle dishes that will be manageable to consume.

Snakes can eat various animals, with some of their most popular prey being birds, insects, lizards, frogs, rats, and squirrels. Individuals who keep snakes at home tend to feed them rodents. Live and frozen rodents can be used for this purpose.

Certain snakes can also eat worms, termites, fish, and bats. They’ll also consume the eggs of these animals. Regardless, most snakes are always hunting for warm-blooded prey. Others will eat amphibians and insects.

Depending on the snake’s size, it might be able to eat owls. Smaller, younger owls are more vulnerable to snakes than others.

Do Owls Eat Snakes?

Owls can eat snakes. Certain owls are large enough and powerful enough to attack snakes. Owls can swoop down from the air and grab the snake before killing it. Most owls are vulnerable to snake attacks when they’re young and small.

The most common owls that eat snakes include barred, burrowing, and great-horned owls. These owls regularly attack snakes. You’ll be surprised to learn that these owls prefer snakes, so they’ll go out of their way to get them.

In particular, the great horned owl is one of the most efficient and prolific snake hunters. This type is aggressive and will use its strong nails to kill the snake quickly. Since owls are nocturnal, they can hunt and kill snakes at night.

You will be shocked to watch videos of owls eating snakes.

Snakes Eat Owls

While owls can attack and kill snakes, it should also be noted that snakes can kill owls. Snakes frequently kill owls. However, not all owls are vulnerable to snakes. As they get older and bigger, owls will no longer be vulnerable to snake attacks.

Snakes primarily target young, small owls. They are also going to target owl eggs and owl chicks. When a snake encounters an adult owl, there is a good chance that the snake will flee because it knows it won’t win.

Snakes do not primarily feed on owls, though. They usually prefer other animals, such as squirrels, rodents, and frogs. They will eat the eggs if they encounter an owl nest with eggs. Owls make an excellent meal for snakes.

It is more common for owls to eat snakes than for snakes to eat owls. Nevertheless, young owls are prey.

How Can Snakes Kill Owls?

The great horned owl is one of the most vicious predators in North America. While adult owls will usually kill snakes, it is common for snakes to kill young owls. How do they manage to tackle these deadly predators?

When an owl decides to attack a snake, there is always a chance that the snake will get the upper hand. A gopher snake or bull snake could wrap its coils around the owl. While this doesn’t happen often, it could happen when something goes wrong during the owl’s assault.

The owl may pounce too soon or miss its first strike. Champion Ranch recently had an incident in which a gopher snake managed to overpower a horned owl which later died. When it comes to Mother Nature, anything is possible.

How Often Do Snakes Eat?

Snakes do not need to eat regularly. Instead, snakes often go for days without eating. It is estimated that snakes eat once or twice a week when they’re young. As the snakes get older, they’re going to eat less often.

Older snakes may only eat once a week or once every two weeks. A female snake going through the breeding period will begin eating more frequently. It may eat multiple teams a week. When snakes get hungry, they will start hunting for prey.

They can tackle all types of prey, including owls, chickens, fish, rats, birds, bats, worms, and termites. Snakes eat about any animal in their natural habitats.

Most people feed their snake mice and rats from pet shops. To mix up the diet from time to time, you can toss in a few earthworms, vegetables, and fruit. Raw human meat like beef, pork, and poultry contain vital nutrients, macronutrients, and vitamins.

The key is to ensure your pet snake is fed once or twice a week, depending on its activity level, size, and age. Small and young snakes should be fed twice a week, while large and older snakes need a single meal each week.

Look for signs of hunger, such as restlessness.

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Owl Meat Nutrients

The nutrients in owl meat offer various health benefits. Owl meat is rich in protein, which plays a vital role in muscle development and maintenance. Protein promotes healthy skin, bones, and heart.

Owl meat is also rich in a vital macronutrient, calcium. When snakes calcium-enriched owl meat, they enable the heart to beat and nerves to function. In addition to heart and nerve health, calcium helps stabilize acidity and maintain healthy bones. It also promotes healthy blood clotting.

Owl meat contains iron, a vital macronutrient. Iron helps snakes stay active by combating fatigue. It enhances hemoglobin, energy, and immunity. It can also ensure a healthy pregnancy in female snakes.

Phosphorus is a vital macronutrient that aids digestion, muscle maintenance, and brain function. Phosphorus is a unique macronutrient as it helps maintain and repair essential body cells.


Mother Nature is a remarkable thing. Many people enjoy sitting outside so they can watch the nearby wildlife. Snakes and owls tend to be the most exciting animals. They’re also natural enemies. The most likely victor depends on the size and age of the owl.

In most cases, owls will swoop down and overpower their enemies. However, younger owls tend to be too small to kill snakes. Once the owl ages and grows, it becomes a vicious, unstoppable enemy. Snakes can eat owls, chicks, and eggs.

However, it is more common for certain types of owls to attack and eat snakes. Burrowing owls, eastern screen owls, barred owls, and great horned owls are known to attack and kill snakes regularly. Younger members of these groups are prone to snake attacks, though.



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