Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rolly Pollies?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rolly Pollies

Having a pet is a responsibility, especially if it’s rare. No matter how weird it sounds, having a bearded dragon as a pet is an excellent company for many individuals, including us.

 And as said, the greatest pleasures come with responsibility; our accountability is to keep them safe and healthy. And today, if your query is related to “Can bearded dragons eat rolly pollies,” you have landed in the right place. Why? Because here, we are going to discuss the same in brief. 

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rolly Pollies?

Yes, Bearded dragons can eat rolly pollies (also called woodlice, pill bugs, and potato bugs) easily but in moderation.

 Although Rollie Pollies are considered a good source of calcium, protein, and fat for your pet, it is vital to know that it also contains a high chitin level which can not be digested easily by your dragon.

 However, feeding your bearded dragon rolly pollies as a snack can be satisfactory for portion control. 

How often can a bearded dragon eat rolly pollies?

As mentioned above, Rolly pollies can be a terrific snack for your beardie for many reasons, such as it has good nutritional value, and you’re surely going to love how they finish eating. However, if you’re considering it as a replacement for his meal, it would be a wrong decision that can lead to many health-related consequences.

 To answer how often you can feed your bearded dragon rolly pollies, you need to look at many aspects, such as his size, age, and activity level. But in general, it is okay if you’re feeding your bearded dragon rolly pollies once or twice a week. 

However, if you’re exceeding it even for once, we recommend you to offer it along with other insects such as daddy-long-legs, mealworms, crickets, and more to make it a balanced diet.

How to prepare rolly pollies for your bearded dragon?

Although it is very natural for any bearded dragon to catch rolly pollies and eat them raw like they generally eat other insects and animals if you’re feeding your beardie rolly pollies as a treat or reward, 

It is vital to understand the preparation method to ensure they’re safe to eat for your bearded dragon.

Mostly, you will find them in your garden or outer area of the house and if you pick them up from there, ensure that you wash them neatly as they may have some harmful chemical or pesticide due to which they die.

You can either offer it to your pet raw after washing it or cook it a bit, which would aid in killing any parasites or bacteria in it. To cook them, dip them in boiling water for 5-10 minutes or more if needed. Once they’re nicely cooked, chop them into pieces, and they’re ready to serve.

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Benefits and consequences of feeding rolly pollies to a bearded dragon

Rolly pollies are commonly found in forests and outdoor areas and are considered a good source of calcium and protein for your bearded dragon. 

However, as said above, it could lead to many consequences if not given in moderation. There are both godsends and drawbacks to feeding rolly pollies to your bearded dragon. Let us comprehend both briefly.

Benefits of Rolly Pollies for bearded dragons

There are many benefits associated with feeding rolly pollies to your pet dragon other than being readily available and inexpensive. Some of the most common benefits include the following-

  1. It aids in sharping up your pet’s hunting skills.

Although bearded dragons are meant to be sharp hunters, if you have made them your pet and a home animal, feeding rolly pollies will naturally encourage your dragon’s hunting instincts.

  1. Good source of nutritional value

Feeding your pet rolly pollie will prove advantageous for his health as it contains a rich amount of protein, calcium, and other nutrients vital for your bearded dragon’s immunological function.

Risks of feeding rolly pollies to the bearded dragon

Bearded dragons are omnivorous and can eat both animals and plants in their diet. Adding rolly pollie to your pet’s diet is okay if you’re not overdoing it. If done, your pet may have to face some risks associated with his health, such as-

  1. Infesting digestive system

Rolly pollies contain a kind of bacteria named salmonella and some other harbor parasites that are harmful to your bearded dragon to consume. It causes food poisoning and can create trouble in your pet’s digestive system.

  1. Other health-related issues

If you’re picking a rolly pollie, you saw in your backyard or somewhere randomly on the road, it is more likely to contain many bacteria that could create many other health-related problems for your dragon. Also, if you feed them rolly pollies regularly, it may harm your pet in the long run. 


Thus, feeding rolly pollies to your bearded dragon is surely not an issue unless you give it excessively. We have shared all the possible problems associated with providing rolly pollies to your pet, along with a solution. However, if you still have any issues or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian and discuss it.


Are Rolly pollies harmful to my bearded dragon?

No, feeding rolly pollies isn’t harmful to your bearded dragon unless you feed it excessively. It contains many nutritional values that can aid your dragon’s health.

Is it okay to feed rolly pollies raw to bearded dragons?

Yes, it is entirely okay for your bearded dragon to eat a rolly pollie raw. However, if you have picked it yourself, we recommend you wash it thoroughly before feeding it to your pet first. 



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