Can Fleas Live On Snakes? (Everything You Need To Know!)

Can Fleas Live On Snakes

For pet owners like yourself, you have to be cautious of flea infestations. When left untreated, a flea infestation can quickly become deadly.

Can fleas live on snakes? If you’re going to own snakes, you must prepare for potential problems because you never know when they will occur.

Surprisingly, fleas can indeed attack snakes such as ball pythons. Furthermore, fleas can target birds, humans, felines, canines, and reptiles. Fleas feed on any warm-blood animal, but snakes are great hosts for fleas.

It is essential to do something about this problem quickly because a flea infestation can cause skin irritation and anemia. Taking steps to prevent an infestation in the first place is recommended. Readers should use the information below to protect their snakes from fleas.

Why Do Fleas Target Snakes?

Most snake owners do not realize that fleas will target their snakes. They will. At the same time, cold-blooded snakes spend a lot of time outside basking in the sun. When you keep them in your cage or aquarium, they will relax under a basking light.

While they’re cold-blooded, the warm exterior means fleas will try to feed on your snakes. Whether the snake is living outside or in a controlled environment in your home, flea infestations can be a problem. If you have dogs with fleas, your snakes will be more likely to encounter problems.

Thankfully, you control the environment in your home, so you can potentially avoid a problem. You need to figure out how to deter them. Otherwise, your snake will be more likely to become your favorite snack of fleas in your home.

Problems Associated With Fleas On Snakes

Unfortunately, fleas are relentless pests that won’t stop until they’ve killed their prey. It doesn’t help that this will be a slow, painful death. Flea infestations can lead to significant problems for snakes and other pests. For instance, you may encounter the following issues.

  • Skin irritation
  • Itchiness
  • Swollen skin
  • Bubonic plague
  • Murine typhus
  • Tularemia
  • Tungiasis

As a snake lover, you don’t want your precious pet to suffer from a flea infestation. If you find fleas in the tank, you must do something about it immediately. Otherwise, the suffering will be prolonged.

How Do Fleas Access Snakes?

Fleas are sneaky pests that can be difficult to deter. Once they’ve decided to enter your residence, they’ll find a way regardless. Outside, snakes can become victims of fleas when they encounter other animals already infested with fleas.

The pests will jump off the other animal and onto the snake. Snakes living indoors can also become prey for fleas.

Dog and cat owners will be more likely to experience problems. If your dog gets fleas, it’ll bring those fleas into your home. Then, they’ll spread throughout the house and target other household pets.

It is pertinent to be aggressive about preventing fleas from ensuring they do not enter your home. In many cases, it is easier to prevent flea infestations than to eliminate them. Always check your dog or cat’s skin before letting them back inside.

Can Fleas Kill A Snake?

Can fleas live on snakes? Unfortunately, they can. Once you’ve noticed a problem, you must do something about it swiftly. After all, it is only going to worsen. Typically, fleas will only target snakes once the infestation is severe.

A severe infestation will lead to devastating consequences. Although it is unlikely, fleas could kill a snake over a period. If fleas enter your snake’s tank, they’ll begin sucking the snake’s blood and spreading diseases.

In some cases, those diseases can be deadly. Furthermore, a large infestation will likely lead to severe blood loss. When left untreated, an infestation can be fatal. Don’t allow this to happen. Learn how to remove fleas from your home to protect your snakes.

Preventing Fleas From Reaching Your Snake

It probably seems strange to most people when someone asks for flea prevention for a snake. Although these predators are primarily found in cats and dogs, they can and will destroy your snake’s life. It is your job to prevent that!

The best possible way to deal with fleas is prevention. It’s best to take preventive measures to prevent your scaly buddy from developing fleas in the first place. Start with regular, routine maintenance and cleaning. Keep your slithering pal and his cage clean!

Regular cage cleanings and bathing of your snake is a good start. Avoid taking your snake outdoors and exposing him to infested environments or animals. Plenty of sprays, powders, and bombs are also available for flea prevention. Apply products to your snake’s habitat.

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Removing Fleas From The Snake’s Room

You’ll have to find out how to remove the fleas from the snake’s room. Since certain materials can be toxic to snakes, you must be careful when picking a suitable solution. Start by cleaning your home from top to bottom. Wash all sheets, covers, and blankets.

If your snake’s room has carpets, it is wise to clean them using a steam cleaner. It will help remove any fleas hiding between the fibers of the carpet. You can also try using a flea spray that is safe for pets. Another good solution is diatomaceous earth powder.

This natural dust can safely be used around all animals. However, it would be best never to sprinkle the dust inside the snake’s cage. If you use flea bombs, remove the snake from the residence first.


Can fleas live on snakes? Unfortunately Yes, snakes are vulnerable to fleas even though they’re cold-blooded. If you’re going to own snakes, you must be cautious about dealing with flea infestations swiftly. If you’ve spotted fleas in your home, please take steps to eliminate them.

When attempting to get rid of fleas, you must ensure that you do not harm the snake. Flea powder could be toxic to reptiles, so you’ll need to pick a safer alternative. You can use baking soda, salt, lemon spray, or rosemary.

Take steps to reduce the snake’s exposure to these substances. Consider calling a professional exterminator if you’re dealing with a severe flea infestation. Just make sure they use natural solutions to protect your snake.



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